What are people saying about Ellyn?

‘One of the coolest poets you’ll ever read–she’s magic.” – Henry Rollins

’Giggling Goddess of Word” – S.A. Griffin

“Love child of Jack Kerouac and Gracie Allen” – Richard Beban

“Ellyn Maybe is the best poet on her side of the country.” – Eileen Myles

“A magnificent pathos is the power that drives Ellyn Maybe, placing her among the finest voices to emerge from the pre-millennium west.” – Wanda Coleman

“Heiress apparent to Diane Di Prima and the late Allen Ginsberg”- Fred Dewe

“Poetry is not just her vocation, but her modus operandi.” – Pavel Jech

“Ellyn Maybe may be counted on to enliven any magazine or publication in which her work appears. She instinctively grasps the electric linkage between poetry and humor. A fancy way of saying it is that her poems unite yes and no to produce a magic perhaps. But I’ll content myself by saying simply that she is a true poet — no ifs, buts, or maybes about it.” –David Lehman