People – Directed by Suzanne Allen
Directed by Randi Malkin
Directed by Veronika Bauer
Veronika BauerVeronika Bauer was born in Krems, Austria and is a writer, actress, photographer, poet, and graphic designer. She came across Ellyn’s poetry on the internet, instantly loved it, and met Ellyn later in Los Angeles.

She has written and directed two short films, "The Window Across the Street"(2006) and "The Blue Door"(2008) and acts in short films and theater. She has also written two novels, several screenplays, several short stories and loves to take photos. Multi-talented and multi-lingual she literally lives Ellyn’s poem "Being An Artist."

Directed by Nisey Jay and Riccardo Spinotti
Directed by Nisey Jay and Riccardo Spinotti
Directed by Jacob Mendel
Courtesy of www.Poetry.LA
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