Fan Feedback

The CD Rodeo for the Sheepish is great! I especially loved the There Were Two Girls Who Looked The Same and Sylvia Plath poems. The CD is very professional and has a beat, and opens up lots of possibilities. My own personal thing is I can see how well you would work with a variety of musicians, and explore the diversity as a duet form. The banjo strum was great, percussion would be nice, and so on. Next time, maybe one poem to a Single violin or cello interweaving, one to a drummer, a la the last poets, and so on. But all told, a great addition to the Ellyn Maybe library! – Fred Dewey – Executive Artistic Director of Beyond Baroque!

Listened to RODEO FOR THE SHEEPISH twice today. A superior work. Faves: "Being An Artist" "There Were Two Girls Who Looked The Same" and "Sylvia Plath." Adroit marriage of music and poetry. How does it feel to have nailed it like nobody’s business? – Robert Morgan Fisher

The record arrived. It is MARVELLOUS. So far I’ve listened it just once and came to the
conclusion that this piece clearly deserves to be listened more than once in
order for me to be able to say anything worth your effort. I love the pioneering
format. Have a beautiful day. – D

I listened to your CD Rodeo for the Sheepish last night a couple of times.  I enjoyed it more and more with each listening.  Wow!  It is a sumptuous banquet (laid out by a renaissance spirit) – feeding both our senses and our starving grey cells.  In the end, the overall effect is one of joy.  I really loved “There were two girls who looked a lot the same” - it offers powerful expressions of both vulnerability and certitude – we’ve all run in those shoes.  In "I heard what sounded like a song," I loved: I wanted a knight in shining armor to rescue me. Like Guinevere and Lancelot. But I was King Arthur. Terrific!  I love cinema, Harrison, Cohen, Plath, Williams…et al, so I really enjoyed all the poems.  The music is wonderful and weaves the poetry into a seamless artistic experience.  Brava, bravo!  Even the CD packaging is just the right note.  Congratulations to you and all those involved with this wonderful CD! – All the best – and continued success - Cece   

Ellyn’s a force of nature – if you haven’t gotten the CD yet, you really
should. it’s been a wonderful experience… every time i play it." – Georgia Griffin

Her poetry is amazing. I first read her at Beyond Baroque in Venice, when I was
fresh off the bus in L.A. I asked the clerk about local poets. She recommended
Ellyn. From the first page, I was floored. Bought the book right then and
there. – Brian Chidester


Ronald E. Maxson
I also have it. Standout tracks: Sylvia Plath, Room For Love, People. Music
fits so well and melody lines stay with you. Of course, the poetry is out of
this world."

I say this not only as a friend, but as an observer. In the catechism of the imagination, POET ELLYN MAYBE is the IT girl of her generation and generations of generations to come. Listen. Get her new album "Rodeo For The Sheepish". Listen; …be prepared to hear. She is the two sisters I never had, and everything in between. – S.A. Griffin
The Rodeo for the Sheepish CD is magnificent! Naturally "Being an Artist" was played most often while I painted away… but with each work, your words, as always, have their way with one’s mind and sing truth while the music slides gracefully through one’s subconscious bringing the words back long after the CD is switched off. – Georgia Griffin

Your CD Rodeo for the Sheepish arrived today and I figured I’d listen while washing dishes. No way! It demanded my full attention. So I sat at the kitchen table reading every word while listening to your voice – allowing these beautiful, haunting poems to sing and sink into my soul. The lush language and textured landscapes reminded me of Ginsberg. The darkness made me think of Plath. But there is something soft and quirky, an elegant, witty redemption that is yours alone. This is inspired and inspiring work! Thanks for putting it out there. You’re a goddess! – Bella

I got the CD from Ellyn last night and I have to tell you guys that I loved it so much. I don’t remember being moved so much by anything in a long time. The music, the poems and the pureness of your voice Ellyn are amazing. I want to buy 15 copies and give them as Christmas gifts. I really mean that – so let me know who I buy them from. – Thanks Macie

Cool sounding record. Loving the music tracks and the poetry. Yes, she (Ellyn Maybe) is quite gifted. – Ron


Don’t know what took me so long, but I finally listened to your whole album, and now can’t stop listening to it! I’ve been sharing it with family and friends as well. You can fit a lot of images and emotions into fewwell chosen words. Meanwhile, your performance is shyly powerful, humorous, devastating. And the musical interaction is exciting. Fresh! Novel! You deserve to be a (sheepish) poetry pop star! Many thanks for your creativity! Hope to see you soon. – Robbie

Hello Ellyn! I drove to Joshua Tree tonight by myself and while driving I listened to Rodeo for the Sheepish. The best company I’ve had in a long time. You made me laugh and cry at the same time. – Cheryl

Our son, shared with us your CD. AMAZING. My playlist now goes: Ellyn Maybe to Nina Simone, to Ani deFranco. Powerful, insightful, provocative, edgy, charming, tender. I wonder if you ever listen to Joan Armatrading – Cissy

Oh my god, thank you Ellyn! "City Streets" took my breath away, quite literally. Like you know, you’re watching a movie or concert or reading that is so powerful and genuine you just hold your breath waiting for what’s next…that’s what it was like. I had to turn it off after that one, I guess I’ll have to take the CD in small doses. It looks wonderful, as well. I was smiling before I even listened to it! – Marko
Still haven’t uploaded the party pics but I will soon . I totally love the cd!!!!! You’re fabulous!!!!! Wow!! Amber and I both sat without saying a word and listened . Thank you! – Dave

I finally got your CD! OMG it is so cool. I really like it and sooooo well made. From the great design to the good usage of music and your reading is exellent. The best I have ever heard from you. This must have taken a while to make. I was glad to recognize couple of poems from your day’s in Praha. You truly have a gift in the poetry department. – Hjalmar


Awesome CD! Great work, good stuff, very enjoyable, thought provoking, nice magery. Quite pleasing. Thanks so much! – Scott


There was nothing next to the experience today of listening to Rodeo for the Sheepish. So many lines hit me personally, that, like many I suppose, I wanted to get ahold of you right away and tell you about how you were writing my life. Several of the pieces you performed at Beyond Baroque are on the album making it even lovelier for me. – Mikel

I first heard Ellyn late at night on a local NPR radio show in Los Angeles in the early 90’s. She had this amazing voice and a fresh perspective on life. She drew me in with that first listening and I have been a fan ever since. We became pen pals for awhile and then I finally met her in person when she was on tour with the Carma Bums a couple years ago. She still retains a bit of that shyness. That is, until she hits the stage and then the word pictures flow through her like electrons along copper wire. Surging along making heat and light for all those present. She is a remarkable poet and an instantly likable person. – Dragon
Ellyn Maybe’s Rodeo for the Sheepish is laced with a rare honesty which immediately endears you to her, while revealing something of yourself within the poem, no matter whether you are a man or a woman. Ellyn’s work has an intellectual honesty and singular wit that keeps you hanging on every word, until the last line of the last poem. And to hear Ellyn read her work against a background of sounds and music is a delight. As she says in the opening track, All My Life I’ve Wanted A Great Love: "Someone who gives me faith in mankind." Ellyn’s work gives me a little more faith. – Alan
I am in love the your CD, Tommy introduced me to your work and I am BLOWN AWAY. Keep up the fabulous work. – Winetta.